*About Marc Brightside*

Poem-A-Thon Charity Fundraiser

“And then there is Marc, ‘always look on the bright side of life’, with his inscrutable precision to take life apart with the scalpel of his intelligence and yet put it all back together, so that it breathes yet again, with all the realness of a 3-D life as she is lived.”
– Dónall Dempsey

Author of poetry and realist, contemporary fiction for adults. Professional miser, hypocrite and horrible human being. Reluctant academic. Top ten finalist in the National Poetry Competition 2016, longlisted in the NPC 2018, commended in the Snowdrop Literary Festival 2019. Otherwise, mostly useless.

My debut collection, Keep it in the Family, is now available via Dempsey & Windle.

Fans of Tim Liardet, Julian Stannard, Siobhan Campbell, Tony Hoagland or Frederick Seidel may find something to appreciate here.

Contact me at marcbrightside@yahoo.co.uk for any business related enquiries, and use the *Quick Links* and *Newest Posts* tabs above for easy access to my on-site content. You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter.

This is my dog, Ben. I love him.

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